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Been a while before getting this one going.  Already I've removed the tree from the original sketch and may well do other things with the light and focus as the fellows and the horse (black mamba!) start talking to me or at least gesticulating in some manner that I'll try to interpret . . .
 I  do like a portrait session when the character of the subject seems to gradually come out of the canvas as I keep painting . . . this is a tiny pic but was a lovely experience today.

 Gordi's going to be in quite a few ones:  not necessarily identifiable, apart from in this one.
 Working out how I'm going to do the clothes on this one, the fairy and her mum: want to keep them in the background, but still think I'm going to need either some loose washes of colour or some block/flat tones, especially for her fairy outfit.

Monday, December 22, 2014

new beginnings

The fairy and her mum:  happy now I've re-stretched this on a narrower framer:  gives the whole thing more energy and poise.
 Playing with more loose colour approach to the first stages:  these are v little 25cm square studies so fun to play with different ways of starting a composition . . .

Saturday, December 20, 2014

playing with proportions

and trying to hit Joel's 'look'

not there yet

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jamie and the girls all done

Want to finish a couple more before tuesday's mini exhibition at Santa . . .

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