Wednesday, August 13, 2008

beginnings and an interim

The first three are images from the Alice show, a bright but chilly day last month.

; This last one is the major re-modelling of the model size: she's bigger/closer and the easel is smaller and more confined to the right hand side. I think it could even do with going a bit further right. We'll see.

Dugald might be done . . .

. . . I think. He's on one side till the weekend when I'll have a final fresh look, primarily at surface details and textures, particularly around the eyes and ears. Quite pleased, on the whole, (certainly learnt lots in the area of skin tones and textures), but looking forward, now, to getting onto something different.

Dugald: Oil on Linen (61cm x 91cm)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Hangings

Two lots of hanging this weekend (just as well it's a long one: Picnic Day Monday -- don't you just love the Territory).

Lighting rush in on Saturday to replace a pic that sold from The Lane, a restaurant just down the lane from Studio 12 that has recently changed hands and has just started hanging our work. We'd only put them up the Friday before so I was dead pleased something sold so fast (Desert Light, a camel one). Seems the lady who bought it saw it at dinner on Friday night and came with her mother for breakfast to have another look before buying it there and then.

Sunday morning was an interim changeover as I'm on my rotation to have the window (and the associated extra bit of space at the back). Thought I'd get provisionally a bit contro and put a nude in the window (the Advocate Art Award had to have a sign outside advising that the exhibition contained images of nudity because of a couple of very tasteful piccies).

Nearly There, Dugald

Just really some tonal glazes and bumping up selected highlights and details now. The eyes are better and I've slimmed down the left hand side of his face. The creases at the top of the nose need fixing as do the colours on the non-bright light side of the face, so they're more even but not too even, and, more significantly, the right temperature: i.e. ochre-greenish warm shadow detail and cooler pink cheeks (I've managed to do it the wrong way around, giving him cool blue-purple shadows and warm pink cheeks). Though, one of the reasons I was interested in having Dugald in such strong sunlight was to see what weird and wonderful colours in light and shadow it would throw up.

I'll come back to it next weekend for a fresher look before these final bitties. Don't want to stuff it up now.