Saturday, January 31, 2009

camel action

Finished: called 'Walking Away'

Finished: called 'The Grazer'
Still working on this one: playing with keeping the background still v rough and only 'polishing' the nose of the front camel.

I'm enjoying this one, apart from the halter, which I keep having to move around.

See, it's moved. So I'm calling it 'Purple Halter', though I really should get back to the camel farm and find out his/her name as I'm doing quite a few with him/her in.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

lots of beginnings, no finishes

Probably quite symbolic for the start of a new year, I seem to be torn between a whole bunch of new and exciting projects. Lamp black monotonal oils, two colour oils (currently playing with raw sienna and burnt umber) and ceramic modelling. More on the ceramics when I've worked out how to make a decent picture of something small and 3D (Bean where are you?).