Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Weekend Kick-start

Got moving today: perhaps the inspiration of my lovely new easel, beautifully crafted by Jeff of Easels Galore,, and funded with the Araluen exhibition proceeds, 

perhaps the space of a long weekend.  Finished one, moved one along a bit, and started a whole bunch of new ones.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Slower Pace

but still painting every weekend.  A few bits and pieces on the go.  Mona's heading for the Senior Territorian Portrait award in September; after messing with composition for a bit (she started out much more tightly framed and on a square canvas) I'm now really enjoying getting into her wrinkles and of course the eyes.  Possibly Betty-a Level of Interest, might be up for the Advocate in July  (she's my biggest camel head so far, 120 x 90), painted over a failed landscape.  The others are really about playing with figures and environments (Recess II is a repaint of a sketch painting that I was never really happy with, either in terms of proportions or feeling, At the River II is the same girl as in a piece I sold in the Araluen exhibiton, from pics taken when the family were over and we saw the Todd flow in 2008); all fairly preliminary ideas at this stage, but something I'm thinking about a fair bit.
And of course, the final final version of Frames III for the Alice Prize in a couple of weeks (thanks to Bean's patience with photographing this one, and the benefits of polarizing filters, light on shiny textured darks is a bit of a mare: