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two types of white

On the one hand,  fairly traditional still life (tablecloth, object, lighting), but also playing with the particular whites of endo (skull) and the 'exo' of the tablecloth, though rather a floppy one . . .

It's on canvas (I'm thinking now I should have gone board for a smoother surface) and I'm interested in contrasting the different smooth textures of skull and fabric, but also the contrast between hard and soft.    And the different colours of white that different light and shadow create . . .  Fabric's always been a bit of an afterthought in the portraits (a light touch on a shirt collar or sleeve) so it'll be interesting to have it a more of the subject in this one.  And of course now I'm thinking, How can I get my hands on a camel skull, as the looking involved in painting this ram is making me familiar in a different way with it, and I'd really like to have the same experience with a subject I paint a lot of (no I can't see myself getting into painting sheep really.)

final ian

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