Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Really Fiddling with Finished Ones

OK this one's definitely done now. Fiddled with the grass a bit and the flags a bit less. That'll do.

Think it was my day for 'finally finishing' ones that were technically done but I wasn't happy with. This old one finally got its final pass. I'd never been happy with the ground so ended up playing with ground and sky to see if it works better. It does.
The second Dugald: playing with head shape and eye position mainly: a bit of fixing tonal balances too. I think his side-burn is going to be a bit of an issue; how to make it not look like a bit of stuck on paper . . .
Thought this one was finished up until now (looking at it as a photograph . . . it's the equivalent of looking at in a mirror, gives a bit of distance). I'd been fiddling with her face and for ages and not happy about an all white background. So have fixed the background, and I'm happy with that. But I seem to have almost painted out her eye. Back to the easel then.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another I Think This Might Be Finished

Quite happy with the figures. Not too sure about the flags and the front area. I either need to go more stylised and plain or more realistic and detailed/blobby. So I'll leave it as 'finished' for a bit and then see.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some More Ongoings

This is the same family from the 'At the Show' painting.
Playing with different ways of putting the paint on the canvas here. This involved smearing it around with my fingers: good fun, but not sure how effective it is.